Circle Green Sip & Paint ELF Stone Party Saturday, Nov. 9th - 2:30 ‘til the paint dries

Got Stones? Beach rocks, river rocks, rocks on your windowsill, bring ‘em if you got ‘em.
We’ll turn them into ELF Stones. Paints, pens, and brushes provided.

  • Sit - Paint an ELF Stone
  • Sniff - Sample essential oils
  • Sip - Try Chaga Mushroom Tea
This Free Event is a private party for our Circle Green friends. Get on the guest list for this free fab event with an RSVP email to Smoochy. We’ll hit you back with directions and details for visiting the studio.
Circle Green Sip & Paint ELF Stone Party
2:30 'til the paint dries – Saturday, November 9 

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