Shipping and Delivery Guarantee

Quality Delivery Guarantee for Hippie Brand Merchandise

The Circle Green Store stocks the elf-made items we make in our Snohomish Washington studio PLUS irresistible international goods that spark our imagination and speak to our creature comforts. 

We are able to offer you a weird and wonderful selection of well-priced products because we have gained access to the same world-class suppliers as the big box stores. 

Who would you rather have as the middle man - a box or an Elf? Circle Green may be an out-of-state business to you but your purchase still supports a home-town proprietor. We're here to personally guarantee your satisfaction with our products.   

Free Shipping to the United States
Shop with us and have your favorite products delivered to your door. Shipping is always included in the price. Local taxes are applied at state and city rates.  

International Orders
Hold tight Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey. World domination is in the works! We have a list of 39 countries that have ePacket shipping arrangements in their local delivery areas. For now, we 

Estimated Shipping Time
Estimated shipping time for most products is 25 days unless noted otherwise. Check the product descriptions for specific shipping times. This estimate is for the time it will take to create and package the item you requested, plus the transit time it needs to make its way to your door. 

It sometimes takes longer but usually, packages arrive before the allotted time. If we find any sort of hitch in the process, like a back order, we'll let you know. Our deal with overseas suppliers and purchases is that if a package takes longer than 35 days we consider it lost and you get your money back. 

All sales are final on Hippie Brand products, mostly because compound shipping costs become brutally expensive. If we mess up your order somehow, like send you the wrong one, or can't arrange delivery on time, you may certainly have a refund. You will also have an apology. It is our intention that the items you order with us arrive in a timely fashion and delight you when received.  

Guarantee for Damaged Items
Let us know immediately if your item has been damaged in transit. We have only 14-days after delivery to make a claim for damaged goods, otherwise no dice.  

Quality Guarantee
We have developed trusted business relationships with our suppliers and review many of the individual products. If a new, untested product from one of our dealers turns out to be complete crap, we need to know right away.

There is a  designated worry-wart on staff ready and waiting to hear the worst. Please send us a photo and/or detailed description of the situation with the product and you will be fully compensated.   

Tracking Number Notifications will be sent out when your order actually ships. We aim to please and will do everything within our power to bring the cool new things you order together with the special people and places you love.